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Hero of the Day: Jessi Arrington

29 Jun

Although this is a sad day to not be gay (high fives NYC), I have to say that I’m almost willing to switch sides for this woman:

I'm in love...

Yeah, she really is this awesome.

On her super duper radtastically awesome blog, Lucky So and So, she documents her adventures in secondhand shopping. Her mantra appears to be “colour colour colour”–repeat ad infinitum. And after watching her talk on TED (see below) I can safely say she’s one of the happiest, sweetest, most adorable people I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting.

Today, she is my hero. Tomorrow, she’ll probably still be my hero. The next day, possibly not my hero any more, but still about 14 billion times cooler than me. Or anyone else on this planet for that matter.

Dear Jessi Arrington: You’re awesome.



31 Mar

Recently (i.e. the last fifteen minutes) most of my friends have been getting xkcd comics posted on their Facebooks. From me. It’s a comic of “romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” Pretty much everything required to keep me entertained.

I’ve collected here a few of my favourites:

Hero of the Day: Max Valiquette

7 Mar

Dear Max Valiquette;

My hero.

Imagine the following statement as being slightly less serious than it sounds, with a touch of adoration and a sprinkle of exaggeration, whilst not going too overboard on either:

Marry me.

Yes, I’m aware that you don’t know me. And if you ever actually find this page (note my use of the first conditional here), I’ll probably melt into a puddle of wicked embarrassment. To be honest, I don’t even know if you’re already married or not. Maybe you have kids. I don’t actually know much about you as a person at all. Maybe you’re an alcoholic. Maybe you like men. Maybe you’re an alien-lizard. I wouldn’t know and, currently, I don’t really care. I’m prepared to spawn your alien-lizard hybrids if they will embody your awesomeness.

Here’s what I do know about you:

You have an amazingly clean, accessible, honest, and funny website.

Here was your last Twitter post, which was very possibly the thing that prompted this whole post:

“Sorry for swearing but fuck me gently with a chainsaw DAVID CHANG IS OPENING TWO RESTAURANTS IN TORONTO!!!”

Here is you being awesome on Speakers’ Spotlight:

In closing, you are my Hero of the Day. If you feel like marrying me, I’m all in. I do warn you, my heroes change often, so I suggest jumping on this offer whilst it’s on the table. I live in China, but I’m sure we can work around that.

Our hybrids will be beautiful.

Come into My Lair, Said the Clock to the Fly

17 Feb

I know it doesn’t quite have the same ring as The Spider and the Fly, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea. Or maybe you don’t. Wanna get the idea?

Check out the fly that's stuck on it!

Looks pretty odd, don’t it? And I bet you’re thinking, “Hmmm…I see sandpaper, and I see a fly on said sandpaper. Below aforementioned fly and paper appears to be a digi-clock. What’s the dealy-o?”

Actually, you’re probably not thinking that at all. Whatever. Watch the video anyway so that I can talk about robots after:


I’m kinda tripping balls about it actually. And every single person who’s seen the video or blogged about the technology has said pretty much the same thing (and I agree):

Uh, don’t you think we should have made them vegetarians?

The geniuses (/mad scientists who will see the death of us all) behind this and other sweet shit are James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau who head UK-based design group Auger-Loizeau. These guys are weird enough to be my new heroes. Check their stuff out.

Speaking seriously though, all kinds of people are jumping on this biomass bandwagon, including the Pentagon which appears to have commissioned a biomass-eating military robot from Robotic Technology Inc. (RTI) called the Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot.

Yeah, no joke. It’s called EATR.

And although they claim that their robot is vegetarian–after the run-amok rumours to the contrary published by Fox–I find it hard to believe that a robot built for the military, to be used specifically in battle situations, isn’t gonna eat dead bodies. Yes, yes, moral blah blah blah, desecration of the dead, something something respect, yada yada yada war crimes. Whatever. AS IF a robot that FORAGES FOR ITS OWN FOOD isn’t gonna feed on an energy source like that.

Plus, you can’t file war crimes against a robot. Not yet, anyway.

If you want a little more info on the science, check out this site.

If you want a little more info on what the future will look like, check out this site.


14 Feb

There’s a lot of stuff white people like. I in particular got pegged by Wes Anderson, grammar, and Banksy.

Given, all of those things are awesome. I mean, I watched Bottle Rocket in 1994. (This is where you realize, according to SWPL, that I’m cooler than you.)

And who doesn’t love catching someone screwing up to/too? If you’d lived with sisters like mine you’d derive a sick kind of pleasure from mocking grammar mistakes, TOO (see that Kate?).

The Banksy one just about made me piss myself, especially after having seen Exit Through the Gift Shop. Well, more like after reading the comments left by IMDB users who don’t seem to understand that it’s a statement, not a work of art. And no, those thing are not necessarily synonymous.

But the true glory of SWPL was revealed to me in a stunning stage-stealer last night at the spoken word open mic at Loft345.

Let me back up.

It started when, after hearing a banshee-like shriek of horror, a good friend came galloping over with tears practically carving their distress through his beard. It turns out that there had been a TEDx conference in Guangzhou–where we live–only a few months ago. This, for both my friend (who will henceforth be referred to as “Nathan” for brevity’s sake) and I, was a serious blow to the success of our lives because, obviously, one of our life goals is to attend a TED conference. AND WE MISSED IT. And not only did we miss it, IT WAS FREE. For those of you who aren’t that well versed in the TEDverse, these conferences usually cost something like $4000 to attend. Yeah, it’s expensive, but I’d be instantly prestigious and HIGHLY intelligent if I ever got to go. Plus, I might get to meet Al Gore.

Anyway, spoken word commenced. La la la, speak speak speak, etc etc etc–wait! Another friend (brevity–>Lum Lum) gets to the stage. Lum Lum almost shits herself whenever she has to talk in front of people, so we tend to heckle her and get the most out of it. Last night, however, she punched us all in the gonads.

“#134,” she began, “of stuff white people like: The TED Conference.”

We almost died.

Check out the whole article here:

#134 The TED Conference

And check out Exit Through the Gift Shop:
(the movie is much better than the trailer)

Parrots, the Universe, and Everything

11 Feb

If you know me, you know that I’m partially (fully) in love with (obsessed by) Douglas Adams. Actually, there’s a very good possibility that you don’t know that, but you do now.

I’ve been obsessed with the books for years and just about knocked my mom over when the preview for the movie first showed. Given, I thought the movie was an unmitigated piece of junk the first five times I saw it, but it eventually grew on me. Learning that Douglas Adams had a hand in writing the screenplay helped. I’m elitist like that.

And now, years after his death, he speaks from the grave. Technically speaking he spoke before the grave, but let’s worry about time-space later. For now I’d like to share this amazing talk he gave at the University of California, Santa Barbara shortly before he expired.

And here’s the preview that I beat my mom up over: