14 Feb

There’s a lot of stuff white people like. I in particular got pegged by Wes Anderson, grammar, and Banksy.

Given, all of those things are awesome. I mean, I watched Bottle Rocket in 1994. (This is where you realize, according to SWPL, that I’m cooler than you.)

And who doesn’t love catching someone screwing up to/too? If you’d lived with sisters like mine you’d derive a sick kind of pleasure from mocking grammar mistakes, TOO (see that Kate?).

The Banksy one just about made me piss myself, especially after having seen Exit Through the Gift Shop. Well, more like after reading the comments left by IMDB users who don’t seem to understand that it’s a statement, not a work of art. And no, those thing are not necessarily synonymous.

But the true glory of SWPL was revealed to me in a stunning stage-stealer last night at the spoken word open mic at Loft345.

Let me back up.

It started when, after hearing a banshee-like shriek of horror, a good friend came galloping over with tears practically carving their distress through his beard. It turns out that there had been a TEDx conference in Guangzhou–where we live–only a few months ago. This, for both my friend (who will henceforth be referred to as “Nathan” for brevity’s sake) and I, was a serious blow to the success of our lives because, obviously, one of our life goals is to attend a TED conference. AND WE MISSED IT. And not only did we miss it, IT WAS FREE. For those of you who aren’t that well versed in the TEDverse, these conferences usually cost something like $4000 to attend. Yeah, it’s expensive, but I’d be instantly prestigious and HIGHLY intelligent if I ever got to go. Plus, I might get to meet Al Gore.

Anyway, spoken word commenced. La la la, speak speak speak, etc etc etc–wait! Another friend (brevity–>Lum Lum) gets to the stage. Lum Lum almost shits herself whenever she has to talk in front of people, so we tend to heckle her and get the most out of it. Last night, however, she punched us all in the gonads.

“#134,” she began, “of stuff white people like: The TED Conference.”

We almost died.

Check out the whole article here:

#134 The TED Conference

And check out Exit Through the Gift Shop:
(the movie is much better than the trailer)


2 Responses to “#134”

  1. Kaare February 14, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    K first of all this layout is sick! Second of all, HOLY WHAT THE HECK S*** F***ing HELL! There was a TED conference for free and y’all missed it?!

    This is the thing with China…amazing things happen in your neighborhood and nobody tells you. I once missed a Vanilla Ice concert because of this.

    • Angie Pants February 15, 2011 at 7:44 am #

      It actually turns out, upon further research, that the conference was in 2009. So, you were actually here for it. And we ALL missed it.


      Thanks for the layout kudos! It makes me think of a pink newspaper.

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