Insert the theme from…

11 Feb

Whichever news show it is that you prefer. Although Fox is banned. Well, you can use Fox, but only if you do so ironically.

This is my blog (ta da). I think the whole point of this blog will be about ideas. Given, that’s in a way the point of most any blog (other than those bloody lol-catz ones), but I’d like this blog to be an expansion of that idea–an idea of ideas if I may be so permitted.

And seriously, I’ll punch the next person who sends me a lol-catz link. They are neither cute, funny, nor ironic. Sadistic, yes, but I’m more of a masochist which means I’d have to be sending them to myself for there to be any value.

So, ideas. It seems I always sit down with people and talk about the cool stuff that’s happening in the world. And yet it never seems enough. I want to know more. I want to share more.

Ta da.

I case you’re wondering, this is the theme that was playing in my head:

 Various Artists – Mighty Mouse .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

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